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Educational Technology (EDTC) Master's Internships

EDTC Field-based Clinical Experiences and Internships

Throughout their program of study, students in the EDTC program gain valuable field experiences by applying the theories and techniques of educational technology in practical workplace settings. For teachers enrolled in the program, these field experiences take place in K-12 schools, where the emphasis is on integrating technology effectively into the curriculum. EDTC students preparing to work in industry complete internships in local companies, typically designing instructional materials for use in corporate training. Because the State of Delaware is home to thousands of national corporations, the EDTC program is able to offer internships across a broad spectrum of industries that provide a rich array of educational technology projects for student interns.

Assessment Strategies

The field experience is evaluated by external reviewers according to one of two rubrics. Teachers are evaluated with a rubric that aligns with ISTE standards, and all other candidates are assessed through a rubric aligned with AECT standards.

EDTC students work with their advisor to complete the Application for Educational Technology Internship or Practicum Form in order to gain approval for each internship or practicum activity. For each activity, EDTC students keep a reflective journal in an electronic portfolio in which they describe their internship goals and objectives, log their progress toward attaining these goals, and collect artifacts including concept maps, storyboards, Web designs, work plans, WebQuests, workshops, multimedia productions, and evaluations of their project’s effectiveness. Each student must log a minimum of 50 hours working on field-based practicum experiences and internships.