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EDUC 818: Educational Technology Foundations

Educational Leadership Portfolio (ELP) Frameworks

Listed below are artifact table frameworks from selected ELP projects. In these frameworks, column #1 identifies the artifact number, column #2 explains its purpose, column #3 provides the artifact's title, and column #4 explains the role it plays in the ELP. If you are a doctoral candidate who has not yet created the framework for your ELP project, you can make the creation and explanation of your artifact table be your project here in this course.

ELP Proposals

Here are examples of Educational Leadership Portfolio (ELP) proposals that the candidates granted permission to share with you as examples.

Completed ELPs

The following link conducts an ELP search of the University of Delaware's theses and dissertations archive. Every item's record has a PDF you can download containing a complete copy of the ELP.

ELP Google Drive

Ed.D. candidates have access to the following Google Drive folder, which contains example ELP proposals, artifact table examples, and completed ELPs.