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Module 3: Trends

In his book entitled Trends in Educational Technology, Donald P. Ely identifies eight trends, each of which is discussed in one of the book's eight chapters. Read Ely's book and prepare for discussing these trends in class or in the course discussion forum.

Trend 1: Saturation

There is near saturation of computers in K-12 schools, while higher education institutions report moderate saturation. Students and teachers have almost universal access to computers, many of which are connected to the Internet.

Trend 2: Internet

The Internet has become a major source of information for students and teachers. In higher education, the use of the Internet to deliver instruction has been steadily growing.

Trend 3: Video

Video materials are increasingly being delivered by a variety of distribution systems, such as video streaming on the Web, video conferencing, synchronous teaching and learning by closed circuit, broadcast and satellite television systems. Use of video in classrooms and independent study spaces has leveled off.

Trend 4: Policy

More community organizations than ever are promoting and supporting the use of technology for teaching and learning in schools, colleges and the public sector. Policy organizations have joined the chorus of voices that advocate more and better use of technology in schools and higher education.

Trend 5: Home

The home has become a classroom for children and adults. Distance education has become a significant provider of instruction through the use of technological media.

Trend 6: Wireless

New delivery systems have stimulated the development and use of technological applications for teaching and learning. Foremost among them are wireless devices, such as laptop and handheld computers.

Trend 7: Teacher Competency

Opportunities for teachers to become competent in the use of technology for teaching and learning have increased substantially, resulting in greater and improved use in education.

Trend 8: Reform

More than ever, reputable organizations perceive the use of instructional technology in schools, colleges, and the public sector as a vehicle for education reform.

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