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Module 5. Instructional Design Knowledge Base

Educational technology is one of the most highly researched fields in the world. As a key part of it, instructional design has foundational readings that every designer should know. Some of these readings are freely available while others cost money for you to read. This page begins by listing items that are freely available. They are listed in a recommended reading order although it is fine to read them in any order you like. After the freely available readings come books that cost you money to buy. As you will see, the freely available readings have some of the same authors who wrote the commercial books costing you money to read. Taking a look at their freely available articles may help you decide whether and when to invest in their more expensive books.


Below this line are books that are not freely available to students at the University of Delaware. These are all good books, however, that you may eventually want to purchase for your instructional design library.