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As noted in the course description, the purpose of this course is to survey the field of eLearning, identify the leading learning management systems, and review the major trends and issues related to using eLearning to improve educational results. Guided by the principles of how people learn, candidates adopt an eLearning tool appropriate for creating their final project, thereby putting theory into practice.

Module 5: Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing systems such as Zoom, WebEx, and Adobe Connect permit classroom instructors to generate a classroom feed to which distant students can log on and participate in the class with both audio and video presence.

Here at the University of Delaware, we use Zoom to offer our educational technology masterís program worldwide to students who can log on to the classroom stream and participate fully in class. Using the remote share feature in Zoom, distant students can share their screens and thereby make presentations for all the other students to see. The course instructor can even ask to remotely control a studentís screen in order to help troubleshoot problems online.

Follow this link for a look into Zoomís future.