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Presentations of Learning Technologies

EDUC 438/638: Learning Technologies Across the Curricula

Printed below are the software applications and approaches featured in your course modules. During the course, the software presentation assignment requires you to prepare and present one of these applications in class. In deciding which one of these approaches you will present, you should study the readings that its module comprises. Then you can study in depth the applications that interest you most, and in Canvas, you can follow the assignments link and sign up to present the application or approach that most interests you. In your presentation, you need to not only present the software, but also explain its theoretical framework as discussed in its respective module.

(1) Role of Technology

(2) Teacher Knowledge

(3) Personalized Learning

(4) Equity, Accessibility, and Universal Design for Learning

(5)Collaborative Learning

(6) Flipped Classroom

(7) Gaming and Coding

(8) Mobile Learning

(9) Open Education Resources