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iPad Application Design & Development

This page presents one in a series of modules comprised by the course EDUC 439/639: iPad Application Design & Development.

Module 1: Becoming an Apple Developer

You develop iPad apps with Xcode, which is Apple's premier Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating Mac apps and iOS apps. Xcode runs on Macintosh desktop and laptop computers. You develop apps on your Mac, and you test them on the Macintosh iPad simulator or on an actual iPad, where you should double-check your app just in case the simulator is not 100% faithful. Before you can download and install Xcode, you need to become an Apple Developer.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

Follow this link to learn about the different ways of becoming an Apple Developer.

Then consider whether you may want to join the UD Apple Developer Community or become an independent Apple Developer on your own. Consider that although the annual cost of becoming an independent developer is $99, you receive hardware discounts worth much more than that if you take advantage of them.