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Educational Technology Grading Scale

In accordance with University of Delaware policies and procedures, our course grading scale appears below. We want you to know, however, that we expect all students to work toward an A in your educational technology courses. Teachers especially need to excel, because you will be teaching, so you need to learn exceptionally well. If you get an initial low grade on an assignment, therefore, we will provide you with coaching to let you know what you need to do in order to work toward a higher grade. In return for this coaching, we will expect you to follow through and work for excellence in educational technology.

Percent Grade
97 to 100 A+
94 to 96 A
90 to 93 A-
87 to 89 B+
84 to 86 B
80 to 83 B-
77 to 79 C+
74 to 76 C
70 to 73 C-
67 to 69 D+
64 to 66 D
60 to 63 D-
 0 to 59 F