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Presentations of Ed Tech Tools and Frameworks

EDUC 818: Educational Technology Foundations

Printed below are foundational readings, tools, and resources featured in your course modules. During the course, the presentation assignment requires you to prepare and present one of these items in class. Follow the links to peruse them and decide which one you would like to present. In Canvas, you can follow the "Presentation Topic" assignment's link and sign up to present what interests you most. In your presentation, remember to focus on leadership. How can the tool or environment you are presenting foster ed tech leadership in your school or workplace? What role does it play in your respective leadership framework, such as ISTE, PSEL, NETP, or other appropriate leadership standards? How can it help you meet the Essential Conditions for Learning? If you are already proficient in an ed tech tool that you feel passionate about presenting so as to expand its use, you may propose to present about a tool for your fellow classmates to consider adopting.

(1) International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

ISTE Standards are at https://www.iste.org/standards. Be sure to follow the links to standards for students, educators, coaches, and leaders. As you will discover, the ISTE standards have been refreshed. As ISTE explains, the 1998 standards focused on learning to use technology. In 2007, the focus was on using technology to learn. The 2016 refresh seeks to transform learning with technology. To learn more about the thinking behind the latest standards, follow this link to:

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