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YouTube Course Description

YouTube is not only the Internet’s largest and most influential video sharing site, but also, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine, ranking in search frequency behind only Google itself. In this course, you learn about the historical, technical, societal, and monetary aspects that have led to YouTube’s becoming one of the most valuable properties on the Internet, where YouTube currently ranks as the third most visited site on the World Wide Web. This is a project-based course in which you negotiate with your professor the goals your project will comprise. Projects can range from term papers investigating the societal impact of YouTube, to plans for harnessing its powerful social networking to achieve humanitarian goals, to creating YouTube channels for use in flipping classrooms, creating playlists for teaching or learning instructional topics, learning how to use tools for creating effective videos, or practicing designs for producing videos aimed at specific audiences including making videos accessible to users with special needs.

This course uses a hybrid format that enables you to learn online as well as in the classroom.

Follow this link to see the course assignments.