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Web Design Course Textbooks

This course does not require you to purchase any specific textbooks. Instead, your course instructor will work with you to decide what instructional resources work best in your situation. Most students find that the just-in-time videos are the best way to get started. Viewing these videos enables you to peruse the tools in action and get an idea of which approach feels best in terms of your personal working style and objectives.

After you begin working with your tool of choice, your instructor will help you decide what kind of supports you need to master it. Recently, the tool vendors have made significant improvements in the quality of their built-in help and online support. You may discover that the tutorials and examples provided by the vendor suffice in getting you started.

Google's Training Center

Google provides a wide selection of free tutorials covering a wide range of topics at the G Suite Education Training Center. If you are using Google Sites as your Web development toolset, see especially the Google Sites training modules. Google currently has two versions, one called classic (the legacy version), and the other called new. Follow this link for a tutorial on using the new Google Sites.

New Google Sites Help Center

Follow this link to the new Google Sites Help Center.

Dr. Fred's Video Tutorials

Your course instructor has created a series of Google Sites video tutorials that you can work your way through as the course progresses. Working through these videos at the same time as you study the Google Sites training modules can be a good way of helping to ensure that you are learning the Web design concepts that will enable you to make effective use of Google Sites.

Google Sites for Teachers

For examples of how Google suggests using its tools in education, follow this link to Google Educator Resources.

Google's End User Help Center

The gateway to Google's online assistance for end users is this End User Help Center.

Google Sites Help Forum

Google has created a site where you can obtain help on a wide range of Google Sites topics. To see the rich array of discussion categories, follow this link to the Google Sites Help Forum.

Image Resources

Students looking for images to use in web designs have found the following resources helpful. Be sure to study the license and observe the rules of copyright and fair use.

G Suite YouTube Channel

Follow this link to the G Suite YouTube Channel. Here you will find the videos that Google has placed on its own channel for disseminating information about G Suite.

G Suite Update Feed

Google is constantly working on new features across the entire suite of G Suite. To keep updated on G Suite features, subscribe to the G Suite Update Feed.

G Suite Blog

Another feed to monitor is the G Suite Blog. Especially useful are the videos Google embeds in this blog illustrating how to use the many features of G Suite.

G Suite Deployment Videos

Google has made eLearning videos to help G Suite administrators learn how to configure the many settings available on the G Suite Dashboard. You may be interested in persuing these features if you are interested in becoming a G Suite administrator, or if you would like to know more about the features you could ask your G Suite administrator to provide. If you want to learn what is involved in administering G Suite, follow this link to the G Suite eLearning videos.


To complete the hands-on computer assignments, each student will need access to a multimedia computer (Windows PC or Macintosh) that is connected to the Internet via the latest version of either Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Computer Accounts

Every University of Delaware student automatically receives an e-mail account. You should visit www.udel.edu/network to manage your password, username, and quotas.

Computer Sites

All students registered in this class have the option of using the multimedia PCs and Macs in the campus computing sites. Use www.it.udel.edu/computingsites to link to the general access site schedule. Please note that the use of the campus computing sites is totally optional in this course. If you have your own computer and Internet connection, you may never need to use the campus computing sites.

E-mail Addresses

Every student in this class must have an e-mail address on the Internet and read e-mail regularly. If you're enrolled in a University of Delaware course, and you do not have an e-mail account yet, go to the help center and follow the e-mail link for detailed instructions on how to activate your e-mail account. If you do not read your UD mail regularly, you should go to www.udel.edu/network and follow the instructions to forward your e-mail to your preferred e-mail address.