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As noted in the course description, the purpose of this course is to present major theories of learning and instruction and discuss their relationship to the use of computers in education.  Emphasis is placed on current learning sciences theories and their role in the design and use of educational technology in real world settings.

Module I: Historical Overview of Learning Technologies and Instructional Design

The course begins with the following two readings that will provide you with an overview of the history of educational technology and instructional design.


These readings explain how the first wave of educational technology was based on behavioral theories that predate more active approaches to learning based on constructivism.

In the course online discussion forum, the first graded discussion asks: How do behaviorists conceptualize learning? What are the main strengths and limitations of resources that are based on behavioral principles of learning? Consider some types of software that incorporate behavioral approaches to teaching and learning. Think about the conditions under which they can be used effectively. As you debate each other in this Discussion, remember to cite these readings in support of your assertions.