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Course Description

EDUC 439/639: Teaching With Technology

This course is a practicum in which educators and future teachers learn how to implement researched-based practices for teaching with technology across their respective content areas. Course content is framed by the TPACK model of technology integration. Participants learn to guide instructional planning by formulating learning goals, matching pedagogical approaches to goals, identifying appropriate activities and assessment strategies, and choosing technology tools that most effectively support content. Participants demonstrate growth in their technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) by creating weekly projects in the domains of blogging, tweeting, concept mapping, and flipping the classroom, respectively.

Course Modules

This course is organized into a series of modules that are presented to you via the Web. The modules are attached to a collabsible menu that organizes the modules in roughly the same order in which they will be discussed in class. Follow this link to see the modules that this course comprises.


Your grade in this course will be based on your performance on a series of assignments that appear on this online syllabus. At any time, you can view the assignments. This list of assignments provides you with a snapshot of what you will do in this course. More detail is in the modules.