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Teaching With Technology Modules

This course is a practicum in which educators and future teachers learn how to implement researched-based practices for teaching with technology across their respective content areas. Course content is framed by the TPACK model of technology integration. Participants learn to guide instructional planning by formulating learning goals, matching pedagogical approaches to goals, identifying appropriate activities and assessment strategies, and choosing technology tools that most effectively support content.

Module 3: Creating a Professional Learning Network (PLN) with Twitter

Twitter is a powerful form of social media that you can use in creating a Professional Learning Network (PLN) that can enhance your career by connecting you to resources and people you can follow and learn so much online. To get started, complete the following three startup activities:

Create Your Twitter Account

If you have not already done so, go to twitter.com and create your professional Twitter account. You will use this account for completing the Twitter assignment in this course. You may already have a Twitter page for social use. Please do not use that page. Create a new professional page that will solely be used for professional purposes.

Create Your Twitter Profile

Log on to your professional Twitter account and create your profile by including your full name, a professional profile image, professional background image, and a professional bio.

Follow Five

Complete these "Follow Five" activities:

Tweet Your Introduction

Tweet a brief introduction (name, major, concentration area or career path, current term) and list five influencers that you have followed and hashtag it #UD439639. Take a screenshot of this tweet which you will need in answering the course Tweeting assignment.