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As noted in the course description, the purpose of this course is to present major theories of learning and instruction and discuss their relationship to the use of computers in education.  Emphasis is placed on current learning sciences theories and their role in the design and use of educational technology in real world settings.

Module IV: Technologies to Support Learning by Collaboration and Inquiry

This module begins with foundational readings about inquiry and learning through collaboration.

Hands-On Activities

Featured here are technologies for learning by collaboration and inquiry.


In the course online discussion forum, a graded discussion asks: What role does collaboration play in the design of effective learning environments? Why is collaboration important? What specific theories or technologies did you find most promising as you studied the readings in the collaboration module? How difficult are these technologies to implement? In what ways (if any) do online spaces enable learners to engage in knowledge building? What are the pros and cons of various forms of participation in online spaces (e.g., hanging out, messing around, and geeking out)? Are you interested in other collaboration technologies? If so, how do they apply the learning principles discussed in this module? Remember to cite the readings in support of your assertions as you debate each other here in this Discussion.