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Educational Technology (EDTC) Master's Forms

During your study in the EDTC program, you will inevitably encounter the need to fill out a form or two. These forms are described in the following sections, which provide links to download each form.

Application for Educational Technology Internship or Practicum

As noted in the EDTC program assessment plan, all EDTC students must carry out an action research project (assessment #5) and create a technology plan (assessment #7) in an actual school or workplace setting. In order to obtain approval for this activity to take place in the local school or workplace setting, the student must complete the Application for Educational Technology Internship or Practicum. The person identified on this form as the “Local Supervisor” will serve as the external evaluator of the student’s research project and technology plan.

Graduate Transfer of Credit Form

With permission of the advisor, the candidate may transfer up to nine (9) credits of graduate coursework earned at another institution or at UD prior to being admitted to the EDTC program. In order to qualify for such a transfer, these credits must not have been applied to or counted as part of any other degree, license, or certification program. To intitate such a transfer, the candidate must complete and submit the Graduate Transfer of Credit Form.

Application for Advanced Degree Form

Last but certainly not least comes the Application for Advanced Degree Form, which the candidate must submit during the first week of the semester in which the candidate plans to graduate.