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Presentations of Technologies for Learning

EDUC 450/650: Technology & Cognition

Printed below are the software applications and approaches featured in your course modules. During the course, the software presentation assignment requires you to prepare and present one of these applications in class. In your presentation, you need to not only present the software, but also explain its theoretical framework.

Learning Environments

Technologies that Support Learning by Collaboration and Inquiry

Technologies that Support Learning by Gaming

Technologies that Support Learning by Making

EdTech Hotspot Apps

In addition to the software listed above, you can propose to make your presentation about any other app you would like to feature as long as you can explain how it supports one or more of the learning theories upon which it is based. An excellent list of other apps is at the EdTech Hotspot, which is a New Google Site created in the Salesianum domain by EDTC candidate Amanda Matarese. As you will see, Amanda organizes her apps according to the following five categories:

To explore the apps in these categories at Amanda's website, follow this link to her EdTech Hotspot.