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Web Design Course Formats

To accommodate the needs of adult learners, the EDUC 439/639 and EDUC 885 Web Design courses are offered in several formats.

You can enroll in a classroom version that meets weekly on Monday nights at 7 PM during the Fall and Spring semesters, or you can take the courses online in a virtual classroom format. Online students may attend the Monday night session at any time to meet and interact with classroom students in person. Classroom students who encounter scheduling conflicts are permitted to become virtual and attend class online during weeks when you cannot attend class in person.

Regardless of whether your Web Design course is taken in the classroom or online, all students participate at the course website, which uses cooperative learning strategies to create a learning community in which you work together to form teams that create effective multimedia Web environments.

During the five-week Winter session, we offer the EDUC 439/639 and EDUC 885 Web Design courses in a hybrid format that mixes face-to-face meetings on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with online instruction during the rest of the week. In the Summer, the same five-week format occurs during the five weeks surrounding the July 4 holiday.