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EDUC 439/639: eBook Authoring

To accommodate the needs of adult learners, the eBook Authoring course is offered in a hybrid course format. The term hybrid means that the course combines online learning with face-to-face classroom sessions. Online you will find all of the learning resources, tutorials, instructional videos, assignments, and the discussion forum used in this course. In addition to these online materials, optional face-to-face sessions are held in the Gore 218 technology classroom. When this course is taught in the Fall or Spring semester, these face-to-face sessions happen Fridays at 4:30 PM or 6 PM. During Winter or Summer, they happen on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 5 PM or 6:30 PM.

To reduce driving and gasoline consumption, students from Southern Delaware and elsewhere can attend the face-to-face sessions via videoconferencing. To log in to the live classroom stream, all you need is a Web browser. To enter the videoconferencing classroom for this course, log on to Canvas, choose your eBook Authoring course, and follow the link to the videoconferencing classroom.