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YouTube Course Textbooks

This course does not require you to purchase any specific textbooks. Instead, your course instructor will work with you to decide what instructional resources work best in your situation. Listed below are some resources that will get you started.

Wikipedia on YouTube

YouTube. (2016, May 20). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved May 31, 2016, from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YouTube

YouTube's Help Center

The YouTube Help Center at support.google.com/youtube houses the documentation for getting started, navigating YouTube, connecting with creators and other viewers, sharing and embedding videos, creating playlists, going mobile, and troubleshooting. The section on creating videos explains how to create channels, upload and edit videos, manage and optimize channels, and create live streams. Your Account explains how to sign up, configure your settings, and fix account problems. Under the YouTube Partner Program, you learn how to monetize your content, manage your rights, and get paid for delivering your content. The YouTube Nonprofit program explains how to sign up for the YouTube nonprofit program and use donation cards for your nonprofit. The Legal, Safety, and Copyright section contains policies on safety, reporting, copyright and rights management. Under the section on Advertising, you learn about video advertising with AdWords.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

Follow this link to learn how to create videos and manage your channel. Channel features include monetization, whereby you can earn money from ads on videos; video uploading, including videos longer than the 15-minute limit when your account is verified; linking to external sites via video annotations; uploading a custom thumbnail for your video; appealing rejected content if your account is older than 30 days; making videos unlisted and sharing private videos; creating a live streaming event; and editing your content using the YouTube Video Editor.

Uploading Videos

To learn how to upload videos to YouTube, follow this link to upload instructions and settings.

Editing Video Information

For tutorials on editing YouTube videos, follow this link to the rich array of video editing tools and features. These include making changes to uploaded videos, replacing or deleting videos, changing video information, using the creator dashboard, creating content for YouTube Kids, and making bulk edits to videos.

YouTube Creator Academy

Follow the links to see lessons and courses about various YouTube features at https://creatoracademy.withgoogle.com/creatoracademy/page/education

YouTube Tricks and Tips Playlist

Follow this link to the YouTube Tricks and Tips playlist.

Schmoyer eBook

Schmoyer, Tim. The Secret to Building a YouTube Audience. Schmoyer Media, LLC. Available from https://videocreators.com/product/secret-building-youtube-audience.


To complete the hands-on computer assignments, each student will need access to a multimedia computer (Windows PC or Macintosh) that is connected to the Internet via the latest version of either Firefox, Safari, or Chrome..

Computer Accounts

Every University of Delaware student automatically receives an e-mail account. You should visit www.udel.edu/network to manage your password, username, and quotas.

Computer Sites

All students registered in this class have the option of using the multimedia PCs and Macs in the campus computing sites. Use www.it.udel.edu/computingsites to link to the general access site schedule. Please note that the use of the campus computing sites is totally optional in this course. If you have your own computer and Internet connection, you may never need to use the campus computing sites.

E-mail Addresses

Every student in this class must have an e-mail address on the Internet and read e-mail regularly. If you're enrolled in a University of Delaware course, and you do not have an e-mail account yet, go to the help center and follow the e-mail link for detailed instructions on how to activate your e-mail account. If you do not read your UD mail regularly, you should go to www.udel.edu/network and follow the instructions to forward your e-mail to your preferred e-mail address.