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Teaching With Technology Modules

This course is a practicum in which educators and future teachers learn how to implement researched-based practices for teaching with technology across their respective content areas. Course content is framed by the TPACK model of technology integration. Participants learn to guide instructional planning by formulating learning goals, matching pedagogical approaches to goals, identifying appropriate activities and assessment strategies, and choosing technology tools that most effectively support content.

Module 4: Concept Mapping

What is a concept map and how do I create one? Watch this brief video tutorial to find out:

Then read the following article about classroom examples of concept maps:

Concept Mapping with Popplet

In this course, your final project is creating a two to three-minute flipped classroom video on a topic of your choice. Before creating this video, however, you will use Popplet to create a concept map that diagrams the logical flow and sequencing of ideas that your video will comprise.

Creating Your Popplet Account

To create your Popplet account, follow this link to Popplet.com. In the upper-right corner of the Popplet home screen, choose the option to Log In. The first time you do this, Popplet will step you through the process of creating your account.

Making a Popplet

The following video shows you how to make a concept map with popplet:

Popplet's website has a blog explaining even more aspects of concept mapping. Follow this link to explore the Popplet blog.

Submitting Your Popplet

You will submit a screenshot of your Popplet map as part of the document you create in your response to the Concept Mapping assignment. As you work on this assignment, think about the points that the Concept Mapping assignment asks you to address, as follows:

In particular, be sure to address the following elements that the concept mapping rubric comprises: