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Examples of Technology Plans

Listed below are links to technology plans created by candidates in the educational technology program. As you will see, these plans cover a wide range of scopes and contexts reflecting the various roles of the candidates featured below. Each plan has its own look and feel. As you surf these plans, I suggest you make note of features you like, and feel free to do likewise in your own plans that you will create. EDTC majors need to be sure to address each one of the dimensions in your program's planning rubric, which is online at http://www.udel.edu/edtech/edtc/EDTC-Program-Assessment-Framework.pdf#Page=26. When this document comes onscreen, if your browser does not take you to page 26, turn to page 26, which is where the Technology Plan Rubric appears.

Christine Schumacher, Plan for Increasing Use of Schoology at St. Georges Technical High School

Kate Cottle, BYOD Plan

Jimmy Howard, Technology Integration Plan

Casey Impagliazzo, Workplace Technology Plan

Lorrie Burke Jackson, Early Learning Center Technology Plan

Hilary Mead, Online Professional Development Plan

Laura Nemec, Technology in Animal and Food Science

Chad Regn, Student Centered Learning at Lindenwold Middle School

E. Virginia Sticinski, Online Course Development Plan

John Strong, Dover High School Technology Plan

Dan Fendler, Classroom Technology for Writers Technology Plan

Kammas Murphy, Computer Science Curriculum Technology Plan

Meg Grotti, UD Library eLearning Technology Plan

Kaitlin Craig, Study Habits Technology Plan (scroll to page bottom for the file)

Paula Melancon, Using Qualtrics in the Medical Laboratory Science Program

More Generic EDUC 411/611 Projects

In the course EDUC 411/611, Introduction to Educational Technology, students create projects informed by the standards defining our field and guiding our work. Featured below are some projects that earned an "A" grade in this course.

Amanda Matarese created this Educational Technology@Salesianum project using Adobe Spark as her authoring tool.

In EDUC 411, Samantha Bear developed a Classic Google Site about Using Geogebra.

Christine Gillan created this Classic Google Site about engaging alumni at Delaware Technical Community College.

In EDUC 411, Aly Keane created this tutorial about The Cell and the Cell Cycle.

In EDUC 411, Katy Lang wrote these Reflections on the ISTE Standards.

Lori Mayhew used Wix to created her capstone ePortfolio containing all her master's degree performances.

In EDUC 411, Anna Tansley used Wix to create this job hunting website profiling her curriculum vitae and major projects to garner interest in her work from potential employers.

Nadeyah Alreiahi's technology plan is embedded on this page in her capstone ePortfolio that she created with Classic Google Sites as her project in EDUC 611.