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EDUC 438/638: Learning Technologies Across the Curricula

Welcome to the Web site for EDUC 438/638: Learning Technologies Across the Curricula. When taken as EDUC 438, this course is an elective at the undergraduate level. It counts, for example, toward the undergraduate Minor in Educational Technology. When taken at the graduate level as EDUC 638, this course fulfills requirements in the Master of Education in Educational Technology program at the University of Delaware. With permission of your advisor, EDUC 638 can be taken as an elective in the Doctor of Education program.

To submit answers to assignments in this course, you log on to Canvas, which hosts the password-protected portions of this course. You can log on with your browser or you can use the Canvas iPad app. Note: You will not be able to get in to the course until you receive the instructor's invitation to do so. This invitation will be sent to your udel.edu email address.

For the official word about the course content, see the course description.