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Web Design Portal for EDUC 439/639 and EDUC 885

Welcome to the Web Design Portal for EDUC 439/639 and EDUC 885. These are so-called "repeating topics" course numbers in the educational technology master's and doctoral programs at the University of Delaware. As required or with permission of your advisor, students can take EDUC 439/639 and EDUC 885 multiple times, as long as the topic's title is different each time. EDUC 439 is undergraduate, EDUC 639 is master's level, and EDUC 885 is doctoral. Specific course titles evolve as the technology progresses and the field of education applies emerging technologies to improve teaching and learning. Course titles that are currently being offered include:

In general, undergraduates enroll in EDUC 439, master's students should enroll in EDUC 639, and doctoral students take EDUC 885. Master's students who have taken three technology courses may also enroll in EDUC 885. From time to time, depending on the titles being offered and the needs of specific students, an advisor may grant permission for a doctoral student to take EDUC 639.

You will be happy to discover that this course uses a hybrid format that enables you to learn online as well as in the classroom.

To submit answers to assignments in this course, you log on to Canvas, which hosts the password-protected portions of this course. You can log on with your browser or you can use the Canvas iPad app. Note: You will not be able to get in to the course until you receive the instructor's invitation to do so. This invitation will be sent to your udel.edu email address. You must use your udel.edu email address as your Canvas username.

For the official word about the course content, see the course description.