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Educational Technology Foundations

Module 7: Learning Theory

Understanding how people learn is essential to making effective use of technology. A book by that title was commissioned by the National Research Council. You can order from Amazon a printed copy of How People Learn, or you can read it freely online. Chapter 9 covers uses of technology to support learning. In order to understand the proper role of technology in education, however, you need to understand the learning principles covered in the first eight chapters of the book.

Technology Integration

After presenting what is known about the science of learning in Chapters 1-8, the book How People Learn devotes Chapter 9 to the use of technology to support learning. Chapter 9 identifies the following five ways of using new technologies:

Educational Technology Models

In the book National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers; Preparing Teachers to Use Technology, ISTE identifies the following four model strategies for integrating technology into teaching:

Universial Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning: Theory & Practice is a book written by Anne Meyer, David H. Rose, and David Gordon. Published in 2014, this book is the result of research by the Center for Applied Special Technology (CAST). The idea is that the use of technology can be used to transform the nature of the curriculum itself. There is a freely available Web edition that has links to information regarding universal design for learning (UDL), which utilizes a systematic approach to setting goals, choosing or creating flexible materials and media, and assessing students.