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As noted in the course description, the purpose of this course is to survey the field of eLearning, identify the leading learning management systems, and review the major trends and issues related to using eLearning to improve educational results. Guided by the principles of how people learn, candidates adopt an eLearning tool appropriate for creating their final project, thereby putting theory into practice.

Module 8: Trends and Issues

Blended Learning

One of the most pervasive trends in eLearning is to "blend" online activities with other forms of learning resources. Thus, the students have the best of both worlds by leveraging both online and more traditional educational resources. The following article provides classifications for the various types of blended learning found in K-12.

Printed below is a literature review that considers what teacher educators need to know about teaching in online versus blended learning environments.

Perhaps the ultimate blend is the so-called HyFlex course delivery model. The following article tells you 7 things to know about it.

Are online courses losing favor with college faculty?

There is evidence that some college faculty have become disenchanted with online courses. According to the 2019 Inside Higher Ed Survey of Faculty Attitudes on Technology, only 38% of the faculty agree that online outcomes are at least equal to face-to-face classes. Interestingly, the survey found that 89% of administrators believe that online courses offer the same quality as classes taught on campus. A question to ponder is why administrators look more favorably upon online learning than their faculty members.

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic Surveys and Reports Blockchain