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Course Textbooks and Learning Resources

EDUC 456/656: eLearning

You will be happy to discover that you do not necessarily need to purchase any textbooks for use in this course, because your course instructor has selected many engaging resources that are available freely online. For example, the following book is available free to UD students who can read it online or freely download it either as a PDF or an EPUB:

An excellent book that UD students can read freely online is as follows:

The next three books listed below, however, are not available for free. After the course begins, you can decide whether to purchase one of them, depending on the focus of your interests and the platform you are considering for your eLearning network:

In addition to the textbooks listed above, there are excellent research articles you can read about online learning. Some suggestions are listed as follows:

Beyond books, all UD students, faculty and staff have access to LinkedIn Learning, as described at the following link:


To complete the hands-on computer assignments, each student will need access to a multimedia computer (Windows PC or Macintosh) that is connected to the Internet via the latest version of either Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

Computer Accounts

Every University of Delaware student automatically receives an e-mail account. You should visit www.udel.edu/network to manage your password, username, and quotas.

Computer Sites

All students registered in this class have the option of using the multimedia PCs and Macs in the campus computing sites. Use sites.udel.edu/computingsites to link to the general access site schedule. Please note that the use of the campus computing sites is totally optional in this course. If you have your own computer and Internet connection, you may never need to use the campus computing sites.

E-mail Addresses

Every student in this class must have an e-mail address on the Internet and read e-mail regularly. If you're enrolled in a University of Delaware course, and you do not have an e-mail account yet, go to the help center and follow the e-mail link for detailed instructions on how to activate your e-mail account. During the course, when your instructor sends e-mail to the class, the messages will go to your UD mail address. If you do not read your UD mail regularly, you should go to www.udel.edu/network and follow the instructions to forward your e-mail to your preferred e-mail address.