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iPad Application Design & Development

This page presents one in a series of modules comprised by the course EDUC 439/639: iPad Application Design & Development.

Module 3: Hello, World!

In the previous module, you learned how to install Xcode, which is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that you use to create iPad apps. Now that you have Xcode installed, it is time to create your first app. As is customary when learning a new system, your first app will write "Hello, World!" onscreen.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

After you log on to Apple's iOS Development Center you can follow the link to the roadmap entitled Start Developing iOS Apps Today. By stepping through the stages in the roadmap, you can see how developing an app involves tools, language, basic tasks, frameworks, design patterns, human interface design, app design, and deployment at the app store.

Along the way, you will come to the "Hello, World!" tutorial, which steps you through the process of creating your first app. You find the link to this tutorial on the Jump Right In page of the roadmap. Especially if you have never developed an iPad app, it is recommended that you start here and work through this "Hello, World!" tutorial.