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Discussions Rubric

EDUC 439/639: ChatGPT & AI Chatbots

Every student in this class is required to participate actively in the course discussion forum. To enter the discussion forum, log on to the course and choose the Discussions option. During the course, three graded discussion topics will appear in the forum. Each topic is worth 10 points for a total of 30. Your course instructor uses the following rubric in computing your score on each of the three graded discussion topics:

Discussions0 Points1 Point2 Points
Integration of Readings

Relies on own opinions.

Forms minimal conclusion based on one or two pieces of information.

Includes references to the class readings.

May include fact as well as opinion.

Forms conclusion with limited examination of information.

Demonstrates solid understanding of course readings.

Presents well-focused interpretations, original insights, and well-reasoned commentary.

Conclusion includes evidence and consideration of information.

ResponsivenessDoes not include any references to other students' responses or does not interact with other peers.Includes some references to other students' responses or responds to at least one student's ideas.Builds on other students' responses and integrates them to form conclusions or examines and expounds on other students' ideas.
TimelinessAssignment is posted later than the due date.Assignment is posted by the due date.