Posc/Uapp 815

Class Notes

You can find copies of the class notes here. They will usually be ready a day before class.

Class 1: Overview and the Information Network

Class 2: Windows and MINITAB

Class 3: Statistical Computing: MINITAB

Class 4: Data Types and Structures

Class 5: Descriptive Statistics

Class 6: Descriptive Statistics Continued

Class 7: Descriptive Statistics Mean, Standard Deviation, Variance

Class 8: Descriptive Statistics and Numerical Summaries

Class 9: Distributions

Class 10: More on Graphical and Numerical Summaries

Class 11: Time Series and the Normal Distribtution

Class 12: Normal Distribution

Class 13: Normal Distribution (Continued)

Class 14: More on Distributions

Class 15: Explaining Variation and Analysis of Variance

Class 16: Correlation and Causation

Class 17: Regression Analysis

Class 18: Correlation and Regression Analysis

Class 19: Correlation and Regression Further Topics

Class 20: Various Regression Models

Class 21: Building Regression Models

Class 22: Times Series and Statistical Inference

Class 23: Inference

Class 24: Test of Means

Class 25: Large and Small Sample Means Tests

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