Environmental Health & Safety's Educational Seminars

Environmental Health and Safety Trainings will be held in Room 130 in the General Services Building, and all dates are for calendar year 2020, unless otherwise noted.

Trainings are open only to University of Delaware staff, students and faculty. All trainings are free of charge except the CPR classes.

CPR classes are open to employees, students and community members. Costs for the CPR classes are noted on the class dates page.

*To register for a CPR class, select the CPR / AED Training Calendar and Registration Link below:
CPR / AED Training Calendar and Registration

**See below how to register for a training session**

All students, staff and faculty will sign up for classroom training sessions via the BioRAFT Program or Google Forms. A UDelNet ID is required in order to access registration. If you do not have a UDelNet ID, contact EHS at 302-831-8475.

Below you will find a list of all trainings EHS offers. Click on the training you need to choose a class date and to register.

For further information on training needs and requirements please visit the Environmental Health & Safety Training Page.

Asbestos and Lead Paint Awareness Training

Biosafety Training

Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Schedule as needed with Michelle Ferguson

Chemical Hygiene Plan / RTK Advanced

Chemical Waste Disposal Training

Compressed Gas Safety Training

Confined Space Training

Ergonomics Training

Fire Extinguisher Training

Hydrofluoric Acid Safety Training

Incident Investigation for Supervisors/Managers

Laboratory Ventilation Unit Safety Training

Laser Safety Online Training

Complete on-line training here

NanoFab Clean Room Training

Please visit the NanoFab training page for more information

Radioactive Materials Safety Training

Schedule as needed with William Fendt

Recombinant DNA Research Training, rDNA

Stormwater Awareness Training

Schedule as needed with Jennifer Pyle

Xray Safety Training Online

Complete online training here