Medical Waste Generated While Working/Living On Campus

Some members of our university community may need to take medical treatments while they are either living on campus or at work on campus. Medical waste includes, but is not limited to, needles and syringes; lancets; IV bags and tubing; and dialysis waste. For the protection of all of our students and employees, we ask that you follow these procedures.

Students who live on campus and will generate medical waste need to use sharps containers for disposal of these items. Sharps containers are available at the Student Health Service (SHS). Full containers must be taken back to SHS and they will be replaced with a new one. Please be sure to take your container back to SHS before moving out of the residence hall; do not leave the waste in your room or place it in the dumpsters or trash toters.

Employees who will generate medical waste while on campus can contact the Department of Environmental Health & Safety (DEHS) at 831-8475 to receive a sharps container or appropriate packaging for their waste. This waste must not be placed in the regular trash cans or dumpsters. DEHS will strive to maintain confidentiality for anyone utilizing our services.

Please contact Krista Murray or call 831-1433 with questions regarding these procedures.