Krista Murray, Director,
Department of Environmental Health and Safety

On behalf of the members of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), I would like to introduce our department. EHS’ mission is to provide a safe and healthful university community for our faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Our web page provides many resources for our institution, including fire safety, lab safety, facilities/construction safety, environmental protection, and employee safety. We provide many training opportunities both in-person and online. Our members are more than happy to meet with students, staff, and faculty to work through their safety concerns and questions. We strive to prepare our students for their future careers with a strong safety background, hoping to strengthen the safety practices of future generations of researchers and employees.

We want to partner with you to help achieve your research and work goals while keeping everyone on campus safe. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any concerns or get advice on meeting your goals safely. We look forward to working with you. Thank you, and stay safe.

Krista Murray