Ultraviolet (UV) Safety Program

The goal of the University of Delaware Ultraviolet (UV) Safety Program is to maintain UD student and staff exposure to sources of UV light below the recommended limits established by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) and other groups that establish protection limits for ultraviolet light.

UD students and staff are advised to contact Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) whenever there is a question regarding the safety of a UV source or when planning to use/construct a device that involves an intense source of UV light. A measurement and/or evaluation will be conducted and protection measures will be recommended. These measures may include installation of engineering controls, establishment of administrative controls, and/or use of personal protective equipment.

EHS can be contacted at 302-831-8475 or dehsafety@udel.edu

Ultraviolet Safety Educational Resources

Links to Suppliers of UV Eye and Face Protection Products

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