Purchase of/ Restocking of First Aid Supplies

Restocking or replacing existing first aid kits will conform to a uniform standard approved by the University Physician and the Department of Environmental Health & Safety. (Refer to University Policy 7-4, First Aid Kits.) Any manufacturer’s kit may be used provided the contents comply with the restrictions listed in the policy, however, free replacement supplies will not be provided.

After a department purchases the initial first aid kit, the Department of Environmental Health & Safety furnishes replacement supplies at no cost to requesting departments except for the CPR Barrier Device which is supplied at a cost of $6.50. To purchase first aid kits, visit Webforms for Request for Service - Environmental Health and Safety.

Departments which perform field research or work in remote off-campus locations may benefit from a more extensive first aid kit. The need for these, and the items to include in them, should be discussed with DEHS.

For replacement supplies, please contact DEHS

If you have any questions regarding first aid kits, please feel free to contact DEHS or call x8475.