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Aerial Lift Safety Awareness

Aerial Lift Safety Awareness

The following link will take you to the ConnectingU learning website. Login and search for Aerial Lift Safety, a short safety awareness training video that anybody who may use, rent, own, have in their building or who directs others to use an aerial lift should view. Please review it to become knowledgeable about the precautions and training required to operate one of these potentially hazardous pieces of equipment.

Working From Home Ergonomics

Working From Home Ergonomics

Click below for some helpful tips on how to maximize your ergnomics while working from home.

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How To ChemInventory

How to use ChemInventory

Learn how to use ChemInventory

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Lab Safety

UD Laboratory and Classroom Safety Quiz

Welcome to the University of Delaware’s Lab Safety Video Training Program.

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Why I Wear a Lab Coat

Why I wear a lab coat describes one person’s serious injury from a lab accident and how a lab coat would have reduced the severity.

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