Glass Only Disposal/Empty Chemical Container Disposal Procedures

  • Empty glass chemical containers must be triple rinsed and container labels defaced prior to placing in dumpsters or glass-only recycling containers. DO NOT replace caps on containers.
  • Containers with chemical residues must be disposed of through the Department of Environmental Health & Safety's chemical waste disposal program. If you have any questions concerning the chemical waste program or would like to schedule training, please contact EHS or call 831-8475.
  • Empty containers that have come in contact with radioactive materials must be disposed of through the radioactive waste program. Contact William Fendt or call 831-1434, if you have any questions concerning radioactive material usage or disposal procedures.
  • Containers contaminated with infectious materials must be disposed of through the infectious waste program. Contact Krista Murray or call 831-1433, if you have any questions on infectious waste disposal procedures.
  • Empty, triple rinsed glass containers can also be placed in glass-only disposal boxes available from Biological Sciences Storeroom, Chemistry Storeroom, Chemical Engineering Storeroom, and from commercial vendors.
  • Glass only disposal boxes must be stored in the laboratory and NOT in the hallways.
  • Glass only disposal boxes shall be removed from the laboratory by trained personnel wearing hand, eye and face protection. These boxes should not be emptied and reused. (Custodial staff are NOT permitted to dispose of glass only disposal boxes.)
    • Tape the top sides of the box closed using heavy duty tape (i.e. duct tape).
    • Use heavy gloves (i.e. leather) to place on a cart for transport.
    • Transport to the nearest dumpster.
  • Do not overfill glass only disposal boxes. Overfilling could cause injury to personnel adding items or become too heavy to remove.

Questions concerning these procedures should be addressed to EHS or call 831-8475.