Chemical Waste Funnels - Safety Ecological Funnels

California Pacific Labs, INC, offers a product called ECO-Funnels. These funnels attach to a chemical waste container and allow for safe and easy chemical waste accumulation while meeting all federal and state regulations for chemical waste management. A few have been placed around campus with great success. DEHS is promoting their use to improve our chemical waste program. Contact EHS at 831-8475 for more information.

Chemical Waste Funnels

Types Available
Size Screw Cap Carboy
8" (Left) 83B 5 gal (20L)
4" w/HPLC Fitting (Right) 53B 2 gal (8L)
4" 53B 2 gal (8L)
8" 53B 2 gal (8L)
8" w/HPLC Fitting 83B 5 gal (20L)
8" w/HPLC Fitting 53B 2 gal (8L)