Suppliers of Radiation Safety Equipment and Supplies

Suppliers of Radiochemicals

Company Name
Web Addresss
American Radiolabeled Chemicals, Inc.
Moravek Biochemicals
Perkin Elmer Life Sciences
ViTrax, Inc.
Lofstrand Labs Limited

Suppliers of Liquid Scintillation Counters and Gamma Counters

Company Name
Web Address
Lablogic Systems
Perkin Elmer Life Sciences

Suppliers of Portable Survey Meters

Company Name
Web Address
Atlantic Nuclear Corporation
Ludlum Measurements, Inc.
Fluke Biomedical Corporation
WB Johnson & Associates Inc.
Thermo Scientific

Suppliers of Radiation Safety Products

(shielding, warning tape, decontaminant solution, etc).

Company Name
Web Address
Atlantic Nuclear Corporation
(781) 828-9118

radiation warning tape, decontaminant solution, contamination wipes, LS cocktail and vials, benchtop spill trays, plexiglass and lead shielding
Research Products International Corporation

plexiglass and lead shielding, radiation warning tape, LS cocktail vials,decontaminant solution
(301) 953-2483

radiation warning tape, lead shielding, contamination swipes
Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

Radiation warning labels/tape, lead sheiding, contamination swipes, decontaminant solution, bench paper
(301) 695-8052

Contamination Wipes
National Diagnostics

LS cocktail (Ecoscint, Betafluor), LS Vials, decontaminant solution
LabLogic Systems Limited

LS Cocktail, LS Vials, Plexiglass Shields, Bench Paper

For further information or names of suppliers for other equipment contact William Fendt at or call 831-1434.