Radionuclide Iodine-125
Physical Half Life 60 Days
Maximum Beta Energy n/a
Range of Maximum Energy Beta Particle n/a
Dose Rate at 1cm fro a 1mCi Beta Point Source n/a
Most Prominent Gamma Photons 27keV
Gamma Ray Exposure Rate at 1cm from a 1mCi Point Source 1.4R/h
Annual Limit on Intake - ALI (oral)* 0.02mCi
Type and Thickness of Shielding Recommended for mCi Amounts lead 1/8 inch

*ALI-intake of a given radionuclide which would result in a committed effective dose equivalent of 5 rems or a committed dose equivalent of 50 rems to an organ or tissue.

For further information concerning Iodine-125 contact William Fendt at or call 831-1434.