University Biosafety Committee

College/Department Representation on the UBC
College/Unit Department UBC Member(s)
Agriculture & Natural Resources ANFS Dr. Brannick, Dr. Parcells
ENT Dr. Donofrio, Dr. Streatfield
Georgetown Dr. Brannick, Dr. Parcells
PSS Dr. Donofrio, Dr. Streatfield
Arts & Sciences BISC Dr. Nohe, Ms. Walters
CHEM Dr. Zondlo
PSYCH Dr. Nohe
Earth, Ocean, & Environment Dr. Biddle
Engineering Dr. A. Kloxin
Health Sciences Ms. Walters, Dr. Nohe
DBI Dr. Donofrio, Dr. Parcells

UBC Members

Jennifer Biddle (x55-4267) -
Marine Studies - Sharp Campus
212 Cannon Lab

Erin Brannick (x1342) -
Animal and Food Sciences
041 Townsend Hall

Nicole Donofrio (x1372) -
Plant & Soil Sciences
162 Townsend Hall

Michelle Ferguson (x6366) -
Environmental Health and Safety
132 General Services Building

Michelle Hamilton (610-255-4397) -

Norman Henry III (410-398-9484) - Norman Henry

April Kloxin (x3009) -
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
207 Colburn Lab

Heather Walters (x4212) -
Medical and Molecular Sciences 305D Willand Hall Education Building

Krista Murray (x1433) -
Environmental Health & Safety
132 General Services Building

Anja Nohe (x2959) -
Biological Sciences
321 Wolf Hall

Maria Palazuelos (x8619) -
Research Office
210 Hullien Hall

Mark Parcells (x0114) -
Animal & Food Sciences
052 Townsend Hall

Margaret (Megan) Roth (x6059) -
School of Nursing
302 McDowell Hall

Stephen Streatfield (302-369-2723) -
Plant & Soil Sciences

Neal Zondlo (x0197) -
Chemistry & Biochemistry
206 Lammot DuPont Lab

Questions regarding the University Biosafety Committee should be forwarded to Michelle Ferguson or call 831-6366.