Reporting an IAQ Concern

What To Report:

An IAQ hazard is a building condition that has the potential to adversely impact the health of building occupants. It includes exposures to chemicals, biological agents and physical conditions that may cause irritation, illness or aggravate existing health conditions.

An IAQ condition requiring a response is a situation that can lead to an IAQ hazard. Large water releases from any source (potable, sewage, roof leak, equipment release); water retention outside the drain pan in air handlers; retention of water, leaves or other debris at outside air intakes; the use of volatile or hazardous materials in the renovation or maintenance of a building.

What Not To Report:

IAQ conditions involving thermal comfort should not be reported as an IAQ issue unless these conditions place occupants at risk from heat or cold stress. Also the presence of an occasional odor does not require an IAQ response. Both of these categories should be reported to Facilities through normal channels.

How To Report an IAQ Hazard or IAQ Condition Requiring a Response:

Call x1141 and specifically state the problem is an IAQ situation requiring a response (see above on what to report). The Maintenance Center will prioritize the call and respond. If occupants are experiencing health related problems, also report this situation to EHS at x8475.

For questions regarding the IAQ program contact Jeff Work ( / 302-831-3971) or Ed Jackson ( / 302-831-0690).