Indoor Air Quality Program Committee Mission Statement and Members

In 2001, an IAQ Taskforce was formed to quantify the extent of IAQ problems at the University, standardize how responses are made to IAQ concerns, and plan proactive approaches to the maintenance of good IAQ. That taskforce has been changed to a standing committee as the maintenance of good IAQ is both a long-term challenge and commitment.

Mission Statement:

  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive program to prevent, identify and correct IAQ problems in University buildings.
  • Ensure that adequate IAQ is maintained in University facilities.
  • Ensure the established program is consistent with guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Committee Members:

Committee Chair:

Jeff Work

Core Committee Members:

Judith David
Steve Hurd
Ed Jackson
Mike McGuinness
Darren Miller
Vesuwan Phommachanh
Duane Reese
John Schwander
Roger Uhline

For questions regarding the IAQ program contact Jeff Work ( / 302-831-3971) or Ed Jackson ( / 302-831-0690).