Fire Drill Frequencies

Conducting a fire drill is one way you can help to educate your department in emergency response procedures. Scheduling fire drills is a joint activity that is the responsibility of the safety committee or contact and Public Safety.

The following table provides information regarding the areas where fire drills are mandatory and their required frequency.

Type of Occupancy Required Drills Frequency Participants
Public Assembly Yes Quarterly Employees
Educational "0-12 yrs" Yes 10 Times /Academic Year All Occupants
Healthcare Yes Quarterly on each shift Employees
Residence Hall Yes 4 Times/Academic Year All Occupants
Mercantile Yes Periodically Employees
*Business (If > 500 Occupancy Annually Employees

*Includes Classroom buildings, labs,offices,etc.

Questions regarding fire drills may be addressed to Kevin McSweeney or call 831-6847.