Emergency Evacuation Postings

EHS Fire Protection Division is dedicated to keeping all occupants of university buildings safe during an emergency. Emergency evacuation maps are a quick an easy guide for all building users to reference all possible evacuation routes and building gathering points prior to an unlikely event that the need to evacuate a building, in a safe and efficient matter, arises. The maps are created and posted following the guidelines of The National Fire Protection Association, The International Fire Code, and the Occupational Safety and Health Association. All new University buildings will have emergency evacuation maps posted throughout the space prior to opening. All existing University buildings will need to be updated as necessary as seen by the EHS department or by a request of the building manager. Emergency Evacuation maps are another valuable tool to help keep the University of Delaware safe and to prevent any loss of life.

A. Description of the Posting

B. Procedure for requesting new or updated emergency evacuation maps for your building.

  • Contact EHS Fire Division at fire-safe@udel.edu
  • Advise whether the building needs emergency maps created or updated
  • Give building name and your contact information/
  • An EHS Fire Division representative will come out to the requested location to perform a survey of the evacuation routes, emergency gathering locations and map holder locations.
  • Evacuation drawings will then be handed off to Facilities Planning and Construction Department for the creation of the evacuation maps on CAD and print them (with associated fees)
  • Completed emergency evacuation maps will be giving to the requester.
  • The building manager must contact the Lock and Hardware shop at 302-831-2935 to have emergency evacuation map holders created for the building (only if existing holders are not already installed, with associated fees)
  • An online version will be made available for duplication.

Please reference any questions to the EHS office at 302-831-8475 or by email to fire-safe@udel.edu.