Facilities: Lightning Early Warning Notification Procedure


To notify Facilities personnel of imminent danger of severe weather and the increased probability of lightning strikes. This procedure is to safeguard all Facilities staff that may be working outdoors, therefore all Facilities personnel will be notified.


Early detection equipment will be maintained by Public Safety to monitor environmental conditions to determine when there is a high probability of lightning strikes. Upon notification from Public Safety the following procedure will be initiated:

Normal Work Hour

  • Public Safety will notify Operations x1141 of both danger and all clear signals.
  • Operations will signal Facilities staff via radio, pager and cell phone.

    RADIO: Three-tone signal followed by a weather emergency statement.

    PAGER: Notification will be made via a page group. Due to time constraints the net page should not be utilized to page. Alphamate system should be used.

    cell phone: Notification of Managers and Supervisors will be made.

  • Area managers will notify reporting personnel.
  • Facilities personnel will take cover until an "all clear signal" has been given via the notification process.

Off Hour Notification

  • Public Safety will notify Boiler Base at x1141 of both danger and all clear signals.
  • Boiler Base will signal on duty staff via tone and voice message on radios.
  • Facilities staff will take cover until Boiler Base has given the "all clear signal".