Dining Services Lightning Policy

For all outdoor activities, which occur in or in conjunction with Dining Services, the following lightning policy will apply in accordance with University of Delaware Policy #7-46.

  1. An electronic means of lightning detection will be located in the office of Public Safety.
  2. Any outdoor events scheduled will require the event sponsor to contact Public Safety on the day of the event to request notification of the chance of any pending dangerous storms which may be detected.
  3. Any client booking an outdoor event will need to provide a contact name for the group at the time of the actual event booking. It is the responsibility of that individual to contact Public Safety to coordinate the communication of pending storms. The department contact will also need to provide an estimate of the time it will take to move the event to shelter so Public Safety can accurately advise the contact person of the need to terminate the event.
  4. Any scheduled outdoor Dining Services event will follow the same procedure, and it is the responsibility of the event manager to comply.
  5. Public Safety will use the lightning detector on the day of the event to check for approaching storms.
  6. If a dangerous storm is close or moving in the direction of the event, Public Safety will notify all designated contacts that the event needs to be cancelled and/or moved to the necessary shelter.