How Do I Purchase an AED?

Purchasing an AED

Contact EHS to start the process and determine if an AED is needed for your area. We will help with choosing a location that is ADA compliant and accessible to the users.

The cost of the AED initially is about $1200, including the wall cabinet, AED unit, adult and pediatric pads, and a rapid response bag.

An installed AED

Once the cabinet is installed in the proper location by Facilities, EHS will deliver the unit. Maintenance and monthly inspections are done by EHS for the Newark campus. Remote campuses are asked to perform the quick easy inspections themselves and send a report to EHS. Costs associated with maintenance include replenishing pads about every two years and changing out the battery about every 5 years. All costs are JVd back to the requesting department.

After the department has an AED, there should be an appropriate amount of occupants trained in CPR/AED usage. CPR certification is valid for 2 years once training is completed. Please contact EHS for more information about being CPR certified.

For more information, please call Environmental Health & Safety at 831-8475, or e-mail Michelle Ferguson at