University of Delaware
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Matter of Time:
Turning Back the Clock
on a Dying Language

When Irene Vogel hiked deep into the mountainous forest of southwestern Uganda this past summer, she was in search of something elusive and endangered —not a rare animal or plant species, but a language and, indeed, an entire culture at risk of extinction. ...
Julie Hubbard

A Stage for All the World

It was while starring in a critically acclaimed Broadway play a few years back that Gabriel Byrne had an epiphany. The audience, the Irish performer realized, was "packed with well-to-do, white-haired people." "Theatre is dead," The Usual Suspects actor and stage veteran remarked to his fellow cast members. "There's no one under 60 out there, and they can all afford $200 for a night." ...
Ann Ardis

The Interdisciplinary Humanities Blossom

Are the humanities receding in relevance or undergoing a renaissance at universities? Ann Ardis, deputy dean of UD's College of Arts and Sciences and director of its Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Center, believes that knowledge of the so-called "soft" disciplines is as essential to students as ever ...
Vice President Joe Biden

Vice President Biden
Donates Senatorial
Papers to UD

Vice President Biden officially signed over his senatorial papers to the University of Delaware Library on September 16. He is flanked by UD President Pat Harker and Susan Brynteson, vice provost and May Morris Director of Libraries. ...