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Module Advanced Help

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Module Name: 
Advanced Help
Module Project ID: 
Module Status: 
UD Core
Module Contribution: 
User Contributed
Module URL:
Module Description: 
[Information from] The advanced help module allows module developers to store their help outside the module system in pure .html files. The files can be easily translated simply by copying them into the correct translations directory. The entire system can appear in a pop-up or not as the module prefers (and by taking away access to view the pop-ups, a site can force the pop-ups to not exist).

Many of the modules that are currently part of the UD Core have more useful help messages that require the Advanced Help module. Many common questions are answered by them, so having the Advanced Help module would likely prevent many of the issues that cause site administrators to contact the UDrupal team.


Module has been reviewed, tested and approved.

Currently available on drupal-dev.nss

Will be installed on www2 shortly

This module is now part of the UD Core or supported modules. It is available on drupal-dev and www2 and will be included in the next udrupal source release.

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